Flatout Factory and Prodrift




Flatout Factory are now working in partnership with the Prodrift Academy to bring professional drift training to the UK.

Now working with a global network of drifting's big hitters, the Flatout Factory team are now activating the Prodrift Academy training program in the UK territory. The success of the 10 step Prodrift Academy training plan has be proven across the world and also allows pupils to continue training at their current level no matter which academy they visit in the world.

There is no better way to learn to drift, gain the skills required to become a competitive drifter and learn the craft you require to become a professional drift competitor.

In order to stay at the forefront of professional drifting, the Prodrift Academy has set 2 Guinness World Records for the Fastest drift and Longest Twin Drift.

We are the only professional drift organization worldwide willing to attempt such records, as we believe achieving such records sets us apart from our competition.

Welcoming pupils from 12 years old and upwards, Prodrift Academy is the best place in the UK to train how to drift.

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