The Flatout Factory is a driver training academy and competitive drift team that is very active in the world of drifting.

We offer many different packages from short beginner courses all the way through to intensive 1 on 1 training sessions that can teach even the most experienced competitor a new trick or two!

A lot of people enjoy the popular “Introduction to drifting” courses where you can come down and try your hand at drifting for a few hours in our training cars, with our professional instructors teaching you the basic skills. Many people buy this as a present for loved ones who have an interest in starting up in the sport or even as something different to experience for a few hours on a weekend! Its every petrol heads dream come true to start sliding our cars around under expert guidance. On these courses pupils are introduced to the basic elements of drifting, the theory and principles behind getting a car to slide before getting to have a go themselves and finally even getting a feel for what a simple competition is like, we all like a bit of friendly competition at the end of the day, even when it’s a brand new skill that you have learnt! The sessions always finish off with ‘Hot laps’ around the venue by our team of drivers who are actively competing in the sports competitions. These door on door, adrenaline packed rides are often said to be the highlight of the day by the pupils that have experienced them!

For the person that has already mastered the basics or for someone looking for more in depth tuition we offer ½ day courses in our academy cars, these courses have no fixed syllabus, the instructors constantly evaluate the progress of the pupils and find activities to push trainees skill levels forwards and keep them from sitting within their comfort zones, we all have to push hard to keep our skills moving forwards! With over 1 hour of driving our half day courses offer more seat time than any other UK based drift school! These can also be extended to cover full days if required!

As we know all to well, drifting is very addictive and people very quickly progress to owning their own drift cars. Even the guys competing in the UK scene can benefit from coaching, after all, unless your sat at home counting your series winner trophies, there is room to improve! Rich Newton has spent many years judging the British Drift Championship, several of those as the head judge, come down in your own car and let him evaluate your driving and help you improve, iron out the problems and then return with a competitive edge. Our head instructor, Kenny Lam is on hand to teach you the skills you need to progress. Kenny is one of the ‘grandfathers’ of UK drifting and with so much experience behind him and the rest of his team of instructors we guarantee that you will leave a better drifter than you were before you walked in through the doors in the morning!

So weather you want too start out on the journey into drifting as a beginner, hone your skills ready for the next competition or book that alternative motorsport themed work outing / stag event / Christmas party (our Christmas parties are renowned for the fun antics) then give us a shout. We pride ourselves in tailoring packages to suit peoples individual needs.

We also offer track testing sessions complete with car setup advice so you can dial your car in and shake it down in a safe environment away from the hustle and bustle of public days, ‘hot lap’ passenger rides for that friend or loved one that you want to introduce to the experience of drifting for the first time and now with the “Skidz for Kidz” packages available you can introduce your young blood to the sport in a safe and controlled manor from the age of 12 years old!

Come and share in the passion that our team have for the sport, improve your skills and have a whole load of fun in the process! You can also come and cheer the guys on as they travel the country competing in Drift Outlaws, The British Drift Championship, Drift Cup as well as many other local competitions such as King of the Ring and Run the Wall events. The team are also available for demonstrations at your events and can even organise a whole ‘turn key’ package for a drift taxi at your show!

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