Dan 'Hachi' Beardyliss

Dan first started drifting in 2010 when he purchased a Volvo 340 that had undergone the popular Renault Williams Clio, 2.0l 16v engine conversion. Within 24 hours of owning the car, Dan had already got the little Volvo sideways, performing second gear donuts even with an open diff, from that moment on, he was hooked!
"I'd been drifting on every game console I could find so I had a good general idea of how the car would react when attempting to drift it, but I couldn't believe just how much more fun it is in a real car!!"
Dan decided after a few weeks of owning the car that he was going to convert it to a dedicated drift car so set to work modifying the suspension and welding the differential to give it some more predictable handling while driving sideways.
Shortly after performing these modifications, Dan booked himself onto his first drift practice day at the Birmingham Wheels Adventure Park. After a few shaky laps and a very close encounter with the Armc wall of the main track, Dan started to get a feel for how the car behaved and how to control it correctly. It was an enjoyable day, he had met a lot of people who shared the same interest and by the end of the day with the practice, tips and advice that he received, Dan was confidently starting to drift and link the corners together.
On his second drift day at Birmingham Wheels Dan met Tom.
"I'd been linking the track clockwise for a good few sessions and between seat time I would chat to Tom about my driving and techniques etc. But I was too scared to try the track anti-clockwise as I hadn't done it before. The next time I went to go on the track I was at the front of the queue and Tom was stood by the gate but when I drove on to the track Tom blocked the way to the left, forcing me anti-clockwise. I laughed, took a big gulp and went for it. After a few shaky laps I had it dialed in and was linking drifts around the track "
Dan traded the Volvo 340 for a bigger car, a Volvo 740 with a 2300cc turbo charged engine. He had a lot of fun drifting this car and although not a common choice of vehicle for drifting, the slightly unusual handling characteristics taught Dan a lot about how to really control a drift car. The search for more power saw Dan fit a bigger turbo along with other supporting modifications to boost the power right up. Sadly this didn't last long, mechanical failure of the boost regulations system saw the intake pressure soar to over 3 bar.
"It was a lot of fun for the short time it lasted" chuckled Dan, "It was unbelievably fast, I wish I had that power all the time! Unfortunately the engine had other ideas, throwing the in the towel in a fairly spectacular fashion."
Dan now found that he had no drift car and soon started to experience drift withdrawal symptoms.
"It was terrible, I didn't know what to do with myself, I kept thinking I need to get it fixed but funds were tight, luckily somebody else wanted to take the project on and they proposed a swap for a BMW E46 with a 6 cylinder engine. Its commonly known that the BMW chassis is exceptionally good for handling and mechanical grip, however the M54 engines don't quite have the power that the chassis needs, no major drama though, a remap of the engines management system soon sorted that out" said Dan with a big grin on his face, "it really transformed the car, much more torque and we saw over 170 mph on the dynos top speed run!"
Dan spent a lot of time developing this car both for performance and also to brand it with his own individual style. The list of modifications was extensive including extensive weight reduction, fabrication of a roll cage as well as aerodynamic modifications. What made this all the more impressive was that Dan did a lot of this work himself, it truly was a built, not bought car.
Dan had a desire to broaden his drifting skills and knowledge in his new car, this led him to try new venues including regular trips to Santa Pods, DWYB days (Drift What You Brung ). This helped Dan master new more advanced techniques and his learning moved forward at an accelerated pace.
Knowing how passionate Dan is about his drifting, coupled with his energetic and happy go lucky personality, the team at Flatout Factory approached him and asked him if he would consider coming to work for them as a drift instructor in January 2014. Dan happily accepted the opportunity to tutor people and started immediately teaching donuts, figure 8's and the short course track as well as taking people for 'hot lap' passenger rides.
"I am now a confident driver and four years on have learned a lot and developed a close bond with Tom and the rest of the team and I enjoy working alongside them at the Flatout Factory."
Several months later and Dan's performance was appraised at work, it was clear to see that the customers enjoyed spending time with him and that he is exceptionally good at teaching people how to drift. Many pupils mentioned him by name when leaving feedback on both the companies website and on other review pages. His ability to break down the elements required to learn drifting and then pass these skills on in a friendly and fun manor secured Dan a promotion to a senior instructors position.
"I now work 1 on 1 with customers who come to the Flatout Factory for intensive training on their half day, full day and long term training programs., I work hard to ensure they fully understand advanced techniques and are learning at the pace that best suits them. I find this very rewarding work helping to make people's dreams come true! I am very passionate about drifting and love training pupils in the skills required to enjoy drifting like we do! Some of the most fun I have though is still while providing the introduction to drifting courses, the variety of people coming to us looking for a fun driving experience make this a challenge in itself and its an amazing feeling when you help coach somebody into performing their first drifts!"
The Flatout Factory are proud to have Dan as a team member, he has been nicknamed 'Hachi' by them, this originated from the Japanese Hachi Roku (Toyota AE86). These cars have to be driven hard, which is sums up Dan's driving style, Dan certainly subscribes to the Flatout philosophy and is always fully committed when drifting. A born entertainer and very capable tutor, Hachi makes your experience with the Flatout Factory both entertaining and informative!!

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