Introduction to Drifting course
( 3 Hours )


Our basic starter course is where you will learn what it takes to control a car during over steer and try your hand at the techniques required in order to master the sport of drifting. It is made up of 3 driving activities followed by a passenger 'hot lap' session.

The session starts with a driver's briefing explaining the activities you will participate in, basic drift theory and the sites health and safety regulations.

Activity 1 – Drift car initiation and balance.

You will learn how to provoke a car so that it over steers by using a weight transfer technique, how to balance the car sideways using the throttle and steering so as to be able to complete basic circular drifts in a donut. This is how all drifters start! Once you have mastered the donut every corner is a section of a donut only they start to increase in size! You will start to increase and decrease the sizes of the donuts to gain an understanding of placing the car where it needs to be whilst sliding sideways.

Activity 2 – Transitions.

This is drifter's terminology for changing directions mid drift whilst maintaining a slide. Transitions are crucial to being able to seamlessly link drifting corners together when the track changes direction. Pupils will be coached on how to perform a figure of 8, the best ways to learn how to change direction using a combination of throttle control and steering inputs so that they can confidently steer the car in the direction that they wish to follow.

Activity 3 – The game of drift.

Here we get to put our new found skills and put them into practice in a fun drifting competition! Our game of drift comprises of 5 laps of our beginner corner on the training grounds. After initiating the slide, pupils will have to balance the car and use power and steering to drift around the corner and attempt to put the car on the correct line to be able to hit a target with the rear of the car. Points are awarded on performance with the top drivers landing a place at the top of the podium!

Activity 4 – 'Hot laps'.

This is the chance for pupils to get strapped into a professional drift car and see what is possible to achieve with practice as the Flatout Factory drivers take you on the ride of your life! High speed drifting in close proximity to each other in a twin drifting formation is the name of the game here, simulating what it would be like to be a driving in a drifting competition!
  • Please allow 3 hours from arrival to departure.
  • Total time in the cars is approx. 20 minutes.
  • Small group sizes, maximum 6 per instructor and car.
  • Minimum age 16 at Birmingham. - Non licence holders will have to complete a basic competency test before being allowed to complete activities. This test is also mandatory for licence holders who cannot produce a copy of their licence at sign on for any reason. This is a condition of our insurance and is not flexible!
  • Minimum age 18 at Brands Hatch and hold a Full Driving Licence
  • Full terms and conditions Please make sure you are happy with these before signing on to your experience.

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